Outsider Art shown in Canada
Until November 5, 2017 in Montreal
Montreal (Canada). Three collections give a first ever glance at outsider art to the Canadian public. "Attention: état brut!" is featuring 22 outsider artists from Canada, Europe and the US, including Jovette Marchessault, Martine Birobent, Danielle Jac-qui, Anne-Marie Grgich and Claire Labonté.

At Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur
100, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal (QC) H2X 1C3, Canada
New Outsider Art Prize in Paris
New Outsider Art Prize in Paris
10.000 € Award by Art Absolument
Organized by the magazine Art Absolument in partnership with the Paris Outsider Art Fair, the first issue of the Art Absolument Prize for Outsider Art will reward outstanding work by a living artist among those presented at the OAF Paris 2017. Among five artists selected during the fair by artist Éva Jospin (curator of a parallel exhibition at Espace Art Absolument) and a jury made up of Parisians from different backgrounds, the winner gets 10,000 euros and will be announced on October 26, 2017 at Espace Art Absolument.

Members of jury: David Cohen, head juror, head of the children´s psychiatry department at the hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière. Daria de Beauvais, curator at Palais de Tokyo. Laurent Dumas, collector and president of the company Emerige. Choghakate Kazarian, curator at Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. Barbara Safarova, art historian and the president of abcd (art brut connaissance & diffusion)

Espace Art Absolument
11, rue Louise Weiss - Paris 13, France
Phone +33 (0)1 45 70 88 17

(Flyer: PR Veranstalter)
Turbulences dans les Balkans
Turbulences dans les Balkans
Still in Paris at Halle Saint Pierre
This exhibition curated by Martine Lusardy in cooperation with Museum of Naive and Marginal Art (Jagodina, Serbia), directed by Nina Krstic, is shown until July 2018 at Museum Halle Saint Pierre. Visitors of the October Paris Outsider Art Fair are invited especially.

(Plakat: PR Veranstalter)

Bis 12. Januar in Paris
Ody Saban und Augustin Lesage
Paris. Bis 12.01.2019 zeigt Galerie Hervé Courtaigne in einer Gruppenausstellung unter anderem Werke der bekannten Outsider Art-Kunstschaffenden Ody S mehr
ADVENT SANS FRONTIERES am 12.12. in Völklingen
Selbsthilfe-Informations- und Kulturabend in der Stadtbibliothek

ADVENT SANS FRONTIERES am 12.12. in Völklingen

Völklingen. Am 12. Dezember heißt es um 18.30 Uhr „Advent sans frontières“ in der Völklinger Stadtbibliothek, mit einem Informations- und Kulturabend mehr
Ausstellungsmöglichkeit auf dem Luxemburger Weihnachtsmarkt
Vom 30.11. bis 2.12. Zelt für spontane Künstler auf dem Theaterplatz
Luxemburg-Stadt. Wie das Luxemburger Kunstprojekt „Kunst am Grund“ mitteilt, besteht für spontane Künstler auf dem Luxemburger Weihnachtsmarkt vom 30. mehr