The Gallery of Everything 2017/2018
The Gallery of Everything 2017/2018
Anna Zemánková, ACM …
London. For the final week of 2017 The Gallery of Everything opens Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th December, 11am-6pm. The Gallery re-opens in January with a new exhibition and programme. On display this week are e.g. a selection of paintings by Howard Finster and Gaston Chaissac, constructions by ACM and embroidered drawings by famous Anna Zemánková. Over the last year the gallery has established itself as an important cultural centre, representing self-taught and private artists. Exhibitions and events have been reviewed with articles in the Financial Times, New York Times, Art Newspaper and The Guardian.

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existence.! – Gugging zeigt die Sammlung Jean-Claude Volot
Werke der Art Brut und des Expressionismus
Maria Gugging (Österreich). Museum gugging präsentiert die Sammlung Jean-Claude Volots, die damit erstmals in Österreich zu sehen ist. Die Eröffnung i mehr
VR-China-Galerie auf der New Yorker Outsider Art-Messe im Januar
China, Südkorea, Japan, Frankreich, UK, Gugging und viele US-Aussteller

VR-China-Galerie auf der New Yorker Outsider Art-Messe im Januar

New York. The 26th edition of the New York OAF takes place January 18-21, 2018 at The Metropolitan Pavilion. The fair will showcase 63 galleries, re-p mehr
New Yorker Galerie zeigt Dan Miller
10.01.-18.02.2018 bei Andrew Edlin
Die bekannte New Yorker Outsider Art/Art Brut-Galerie Andrew Edlin (212 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, USA. startet ins neue Jahr mehr